2018-05-08 00:33:00
☜⁂☞ FIΞLD - When All Else Fails... We Don't!

Good Evening all

It has been brought to my attention that a member of our alliance has been sending aggravating messages to the pilots in Eye of the Storm in public chat yesterday. I want to make it clear that we do not accept such behavior in Field Operations.

MI-ONE19 Blade our alliance founder has spent several hours compiling a list of rules (which you can find here via this link ☜☆☞ Alliance Rules) for the Alliance, which every single member is expected to follow no matter their position in the Alliance and their respected corp. The list of rules will ensure that everyone will be will have a nice smooth experience in the alliance and in EVE as a whole. I want to outline that any aggressive or offensive messages towards other pilots in the public chat or any text chat will not be tolerated, even towards War-Deced corps/Alliances as this can and will cause problems for the alliance as a whole even if it doesn't seem so at the time, the same applies to the alliance Discord voice and all text driven officially run channels by Field Operations comms also.

I've come up with a list of penalties which you may receive if you have broken any of the alliance rules, They are as followed:

Level I: You will receive either a verbal or written warning for said transgression going over what went wrong.

Level II: You will receive a 5-15 mill fine depending on said transgression and a verbal warning.

Level III: You will have minor restrictions placed on you restrict your access alliances structures and services and on what you can access on our Discord server and a 20 mil-85 mill fine depending on said transgression.

Level IV: You will receive major restrictions on Alliance Services and Structures and on our Discord server. In addition, you will also receive a fine of 100 mill depending on said transgression.

Level V: You as an individual player or as a corp as a whole will receive a permanent ban from our Alliance and Discord server with no prior warning. Bare in mind, this penalty is for the most severe transgressions.

*Please be advised these penalties are subject to change and more rules may be added at Future dates.*

These penalties are there to discourage people from breaking the rules which have been implemented, but I won't hesitate to take them into effect.

If anyone has any questions or problems with the penalty system they may I would welcome you to talk to me on Discord or in the EVE text channels.
This penalty chart will also be listed in the Alliance Bulletins shortly and can be reviewed at any time.

Field Operations
Human Resources Department
Lucius Julius Brutus

When All Else Fails... We Don't...
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