Alliance Subject
War Operations & Fleets
Alliance meeting this weekend!
FW: The Incursion Project
WH operations
POCO Reinforcment Timer
Priority Of Training
MNM Xmas Raffle WINNER!!
Xmas Raffle!
Fleet OPs #Cheapfleet#Evetime
Alliance Objectives
Re: Naguton Citadel
Naguton Citadel
Alliance directives
New war dec!
Current Wardec
Wardec Incoming!
FW: poco ops
AU tz ARMOR Fleet 28/6 @ 0600 evetime
Combined Arms OPS @ 0330 - Weds 13th!
Black Ops Roam 8th June!
0730 roam fleet
05:30 Roam Fleet Sunday! (3/6)
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